Hotheaded and willing to speak his mind, Zero is among the most badass of members of Gamefaqs. While being part of the large Final Fantasy fanbase, with many others, he often claims to be his own fanbase, because sharing one is "too mainstream." He has a mutual respect for few members of GF, some being DemonPathRevya (origionally NomadRevya), BlueDragmire, Elice_Carol, MagiusNecros and a few others. 



ZeroBeatt (Zero)





Height/ Weight

171.45cm/ 71.4kg





Eye/Hair Color

Brown/ Dark Brown


Some shit box off campus...


Thief and engineer/ A badass sword and a reality warping pencil

Ultimate Weapon

Microphone and Speakers

Too many parameters


ZeroBeatt first joined Gamefaqs in hopes of conversating with other gamers with tastes that equal his own, back in 2009, then returning again in 2011. He was however wrong. Instead he walked into a fuck-fest, where people argue and troll each other until the day breaks. Truth be told.... he liked it! Outside school, a girlfriend, and life in general, there was nothing better than winning battling with other N.E.R.D.S (Neo, Exodus, Rivaling, Damn, Shakesphere). Despite his fighting spirit, he isn't a troll, but rather a rebel. Snowx was his first opponent to even have defeat, while DemonPathRevya, was the first person to defeat him.

He oftens like to mention how Final Fantasy IX is the best in the series, and Romangelo is a tard for hating it. He onlyfacepalms to the complaints made about Final Fantasy XII, when it was a vast improvment over the overrated Final Fantasy X. But fanboys will be fanboys.

Sometime in 2013, Zero plans on confronting Toriyama about the XIII series.


Zero confronting Motomu Toriyama about the XIII series.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

He plans to make his own version of XV and show Squeenix how it's done. Otherwise he hopes Hiroyuki Ito is involved in it. As long as Nomura, Kitase and Toriyama stay away from it.

"Final Fantasy XV will come before Final Fantasy Versus XIII. You can believe that!"


  • He has a habit of shipping members with eachother:






  • Zero's favorite user is MagiusNecros, because of his creativity.
  • ZeroBeatt has beaten Chuck Norris' evil brother Nuck Chorris.
  • Has slapped Romangelo before it was cool.
  • Tumblr ljnwndp8Vq1qfqjivo1 500

    Image of ZeroBeatt in his Omega form.

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