Because Romangelo couldn't find anything sleazier, here's her official render.

Paddra Nsu Yeul or whatever her name is, or simply Yeul is a 15 year old girl from Final Fantasy XIII-2. She's a very pretty girl, those green eyes make her look like an angel.

Elice_Carol commonly ships her and Noel together in one of many successful attempts to destroy all traces of Noerah shippers on the board, but alas, that pesky Celes18 still remains. Yeul_Ballad ships her with Caius, for unmentionable reasons, pedophilia being one of them.

Fanbase has yet to discover that she is Etro herself.

Yeul's Theme LyricsEdit

If you could gaze into the future
You might think life would be a breeze
(life is a breeze)
Seeing trouble from a distance (yeah, go Yeul)
But its not that easy (oh no)
I try to save the situation
Then i end up reencarnating (oh oh oh)

Hey now, what you say now bout to put it down
Come on and take a ride with her now
And the future looks great now
and eveythings gonna change now (lets rock)

Yeul's fanboys and fangirlsEdit

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