Vital statistics
Name ValcristPL
Japanese Name Varukuristu?
Age 20
Gender Male
Race God
Height 178 CM
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Home His own Pocket Dimension
Job Archmage
Weapon Books
Ultimate Weapon Monster Manifesto
Limit Break Freaks

User best known for for calling people freaks and getting warned/suspended a lot. Now using a new account Valcrist_Mk2 after his 5,467,168th suspension.

Has a sharp tongue and loves to enrage others with various dirty methods, but he prefers not to be called a troll, even when he obviously resorts to trolling.

Is strange, but still awesome and drinks a lot.

Elice_Carol thinks he'd make a great brother one day.

132629 thumb

Valcrist's face while browsing gamefaqs.



His daily basis.

  • His Arcana is The Devil according to the Quitting Returners.
  • Shit happened to him. (read more )

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