Square LightningPooh You cut me deep, Tori. You cut me real deep.
Square TwilightOdin Now I'm jealous.
Square LightningPooh *grabs you and sobs*
Square TwilightOdin *Sobs with you*
— Odin and Pooh displaying their complicated infatuation with Toriyama.[1]

"Why? What's wrong with a guy?"
—fielding about to make Pooh swoon.[2]
"Don't be upset J... I know you want to play [static] with me."
—Pooh convincing fielding into dubious activities.[3]
"Anyways, you two should get together... Somehow, soul mates?"
e4josh showing his support of Pooh and Odin.[4]
Square TwilightOdin Enough with these perverted topics already!
Square LightningPooh You love them deep down Odin-boo, we both know that...
— A display of their deep connection.[5]

Twilight Pooding is the trinogamous romantic relationship between TwilightOdin, LightningPooh and j-fielding95. The unorthodox trio causes great uncomfort across the board.

The trinity bonded through a joint obsession of semi-successful director Motomu Toriyama, resulting in top memberships within the Toriyama Apologists, a group who is well aware of the trio's strange endeavors but wisely chooses not to comment.


Twilight Pooding is a portmanteau of the trio's collective names, whereas "Pooding" is a pun for pudding, a common English dessert and reference to the native country of Pooh and fielding.

Twilight is a famous film series marketed to pre-pubescent girls, an array the trinity is assumed to adore.



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