TwilightSoulHero is the confirmed relationship between TwilightOdin, Solaris Soul, and Heartlesshero17.



The miraculous love story begins with TwilightOdin feeling lonely on the LR boards. Many lined up to be his new significant other, so it turned out to be a competition between dils-d, Solaris, and SugarFlakes. The contest is still ongoing, but it's so obvious that Solaris has won because she's leading by 5 points.

Eventually Solaris won, and everyone is jealous of the ship. It is both Odin's and Sol's otp, and they commonly repeat the phrase, "TWILIGHTSOUL OTP!!!!!!" in chat.

Inclusion of HeartlessEdit

As of November 1st 2013, HeartlessHero17 joined. We now make everyone everywhere jealous because we're sexier.

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