Alright, so this guy thinks he's the shit just because he eats adamantoises for lunch. Well, he made these trials. You gotta go to the faultwarrens to do them. Dat music. What? You said Sullya Springs had it first? Nah, man....

He stares at you from a distance, across the valley watching your every move. This guy is big. Don't worry, you don't have to fight him until 3 years later when he shrinks and turns blue. What? That's not him? Damn. 

I wasn't kidding.

This is Where the Game Gets Long and HardEdit

These trials are pretty tough, man. I mean you gotta kill my man Attacus at the end. You think you're about to fight a behemoth and you're like WELL SHIT I can take this guy, but then BAM my man Attacus comes out of nowhere and IMPALES the dog. Now you gotta make this guy LEARN HIS PLACE.

This is like....the

The Attacus BattleEdit

This guy does not play around. He will pull a sword out of his GOD DAMN CHEST. you need my man Snow there for some STEELGUARDS if you know what I mean. he will be so attracted to Sentinel Snow that Serah will be jealous. This is good. Well keep attacking this clown and soon enough he pulls another sword out his GOD DAMN CHEST. Keep wailing on him until finally the guy goes full one winged angel and pulls his Sephiroth sword out his GOD DAMN CHEST. Peerless Blade will KILL YOU, so don't let him meditate, you gotta stagger him before he does that or your HE WILL KILLLLLL YOUUUU.

With my stategy, hopefully you beat him, and the Titan's Trials. Now enjoy dat music...What? You said you couldn't even beat the 3 Tonberrys? FUUUUUUUU- 

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