One of the former LR regulars, and a current main troll of the XV board.

After admitting that he defended XIII a month before actually playing, relying on metacritic for game reviews (need I mention that he used to hate that too?), and condemning tales tards for hating of Final Fantasy XIII-2 (he does this as well), it's a wonder how people still take him seriously.

Contrary to his beliefs, he does not, in fact, speak for the majority. He is an extremist, and self admitted hypocrite (he even rated LR and XIII-2 5 stars, but hates on them whenever the "RPGs" are mentioned).

After at least 5 months of defending XIII, he finally decided to give up, and admit its flaws. He also no longer uses his copypasta of 2 year old reviews.

Now, he's been praising Tales of Xillia before buying it. How long will it take before he starts hating it? Perhaps we'll find out later.

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