Muh gurl Edea

Sol's Savior~

"Ratchet ass bitch."

<youtube>{{{VideoURL|{{{1|}}}}}}</youtube> SolarisSoul is as mysterious as chicken soup. Known for striking and disappearing from the LR boards around September 2013, her support or distaste for the pink-haired saviour is currently unknown as she is currently working as a double agent Turk.

She now spies on Chatango as the self-proclaimed co-leader of Twipooheartz-Icantremembertherest, spreading around the good word of Type-0 and the just-as-mysterious-as-her-Final Fantasy XV.

studies show that sol IS THE FATHER!!!!

^Madge probably wrote that, don't listen to him.

Sol be the best girl and I love her megas-much.

Still do, so lel to you Sol.

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