Snow Villiers Bald Spot

THIS ISN'T REAL I SWEAR, but still funny tho

Snow Villiers is the resident hobo of Final Fantasy XIII. He has four friends (Yuj, Maqui, Lebreau and Gadot) who make a living by stealing milk money from the children at the neighborhood schools. He came out as bi-sexual and admitted to having a crush on Hope. 


While digging through the garbage for a meal by the middle school, Snow met a 13 year old girl named Serah. Serah was a loli so Snow seduced her by showing her his guns. Serah was stupid enough to fall for him and they became boyfriend and girlfriend that very same day.

Snow and Serah went on dates alot (every week after Serah got her allowance since she was the one paying). Snow eventually asked her to marry him and she accepted, but her sister Lightning's pedo-senses tingled and she forbade such a thing from happening.

Was the leader of Team Noerah.


Snow Villiers by starcolide
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