is one of the hottest woman in Final Fantasy history. And yes, the curtain does match the drapes. She originally appears in Final Fantasy IV.

Rydia starts out as a IV (gettit?) year old girl from the town of Mist. She comes from a long line of summoners so its no Mistery (lol) that she is able to call forth these creatures as well. Cecil's mother steals his favorite shade of Plum Passion lipstick so he brutally claws her until she's dead. Rydia kicks his ass and then gets swallowed by Leviathan. When he poops her out, she magically developes a set of boobies and looks old enough to not be a felony.

The After YearsEdit

The Creator finds her to be the only good thing from all her planet so he creates an army of sexy teenagers modeled after our green haired hottie.

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