Rosa Artwork

That's definitely some White magic ;)

Rosa Joanna Farrell is a hot white mage from Final Fantasy IV

She is Will Farrell's long lost daughter, having been taken from Hollywood by Cid all the way to Baron. Here she grew up thinking Cid was her father or uncle or something, and developed into a full blown hottie. In the original story she basically gets kidnapped way more than Rinoa and makes really stupid decisions (like not staying in the kitchen). She eventually helps the party fight Darth Vader and marries her lipstick loving boyfriend Cecil.

In The After Years... well, who cares about that game. Rosa's a MILFF, having birthed a boy named Ceodore who does not like wearing lipstick. She eventually joins the party and heals everyone with her sexy white mage powers.


  • In the original game Rosa loves wearing swimsuits, and if certain requirements are met you have access to a scene where Rydia helps her put one on... with her MOUTH.
  • In The After Years Rosa's love of wearing swimsuits is replaced by one of wearing a lame curtain that doesn't show off her nice legs.

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