Vital statistics
Name Romangelo
Japanese Name ローマンジェロ
Age 28
Gender Male
Race Human (we think)
Height 5' 11" (178 cm)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Home His Mom's basement
Job Journalist, Web Programmer, Kiddy Fiddler
Weapon Chloroform
Ultimate Weapon Violin
Limit Break I've got candy

Romangelo aka "Toriyama's Final Aeon(which strangely supposed to kill the summoner in question)" is the worst Final Fantasy fan of all-time. Self proclaimed fan of loli-hentai.

Brought the majority of trolls to the Final Fantasy XIII-2 boards because he didnt stop trolling other game boards, he is a danger to us all.

Thinks that anyone that dislikes something he likes is a hater.

Tumblr ma6vasNFgm1qzm9fa

Gelo's fiancee

Favorite Final Fantasy characters

All the little girlies. :O

Favorite Final Fantasy games

Romangelo's poll results

  • Most beautiful character - Lightning
  • Sexiest character - Tifa
  • Best ass - Ashe(Yes!)
  • Most powerful protagonist - Lightning
  • Most powerful villain - Caius
  • Most overrated character - Cloud
  • Most underrated character - Rinoa(I can't even)
  • Best elder character - Auron
  • Best kid character - Rikku
  • Lamest character - Vaan
  • Best black people - Sazh's 34cm
  • Best terrorist/rebellion - AVALANCHE
  • Best woman x woman couple - Vanille x Fang
  • Most overrated FF - FFVII
  • Most underrated FF - FFXIII
  • Greatest FF - FFXIII
  • Worst FF - FFVII
  • Best FF sequel/prequel/spin-off - FFX-2
  • Worst FF fanbase - Noerah shippers
  • Best FF Era: 3rd Era; VII, VIII, IX, Tactics

Noteable quotes

  • "Don’t hate on pedophiles. We’re not criminals."
  • "Rikku is not a jailbait cause marrying a 15 year old is legal in my country."


  • His favorite food is German sausages and pizzas.
  • He's a football (real football) fan.
  • His idol is Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z.