Flips people off for no reason, but most never notice because she uses the wrong finger.

Rinoa Heartily is the main heroine of Final Fantasy VII.

She's a teenage girl, and Nomura designed her to be "cute" as opossed to "hot". Unluckily, "cute" ended up coming across as "annoying as shit".

Rinoa basically has no importance in the game at first, other than acting like an 8 year-old with her resistance she doesn't figure much into the plot until she's possessed by an old witch with a stupid accent. After that, the people of Gaia want to seal her up because she's dangerous, but Squall ruins everything by freeing her.


  • Rumor has it that if you get to Disk 3 in 3 hours the party realizes her uselesness and lets her die in space.
  • Voted most hated person in the world before Obama and second to any North Korean leader, according to Final Fantasy gamers of course.