2009-03-13-upanda origin 01 final

Panda_Kun is member #001 of the Light Slayers.

It is written in the stars that he shall be the one to bring down Toriyama's laptop, Lightning (the queen of whores). His undying dedication to the Light Slayers shall see to that so he may fulfill his destiny.

He joined GameFAQs on Thursday, November 15th 2012 at 5:22am, therefore proving he belongs to a sub-species of nocturnal Panda who feast upon the bamboo of others while they are asleep. A very sly creature indeed.

Panda decided to leave his natural habitat in order to lay waste to competing bamboo forests worldwide, however sometime during his quest for power he became accquainted with technology; he has since given up his dreams of world domination but rather focus on much more potent threats, such as Lightning and her fangirls..


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