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Memories-A Noel X Serah Tribute

A tribute


Noerah (The ship of Noel and Serah) is a fanon pairing in the Fabula Novela Crystallis universe. First surfacing in the multi million selling hit title 'Final Fantasy XIII-2', the player is introduced to the tantalising and steamy relationship of the two characters.

Humble beginningsEdit

Snow left Serah to find Lightning to make her happy again. Serah was alone for three years. Noel came to get Serah on Lightning's orders and bring her to her sister. Noel and Serah traveled through time together resolving paradoxes. Serah dies in Noel's arm at the end of the game. There is no evidence they shared anything other than friendship.

Destined for greatnessEdit

Serah's death haunts Noel in Lightning Returns. However, aside from telling Lightning to save Serah when they fight together on the Final Day, and shouting her name in the finale, there is no interaction between them at all. Noel and Yeul are the confirmed canon couple in Lightning Returns and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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