What a sexy bastard.

Noel Kreiss is a pretty cool guy from Final Fantasy XIII-2. Like most modern JRPG characters, he looks like a girl. Failed audition for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX.

Val thinks he's pretty cool, most of the female fanbase (excluding dresdenfall) has a massive crush on him. Even Ultros wants a piece of his loveliness.

Noel loves everything and everyone, but he doesn't like pedophilia. However, he is a beast man which is why he "protected" Serah on her journey of monster collecting.

He stole Hope's haircut. What an idiotic move, I mean he just can't pull dem bangs off with his childish face.
Noel x Yeul

Confirmed for canon.

The term's babyface, sadapocket.

Officially won the Yeul in Lightning Returns, much to the wrath of jFielding and all other Noerah shippers. Bunch of retards.


PROTIP FOR GETTING THE SHIFT: Dress up and claim to be his Yeul, he can never tell the difference.

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