Are you Mortal?

Long time Final Fantasy fan and Gamefaqs user here who one day decided to grace the individuals on the FFXIII Board with his presence. I usually post seriously and very infrequently, (unless you count my alternative identities) thinking myself to be more of the astute observer.  I am seldom around as of late because college/life is quite demanding.


Usually devoid of emotions but on occasion he will express himself. He is of a kind-nature and always willing to help those in need.

Despite common belief he is not an artificial intelligence. For the time being he is flesh and blood. With his biomedical engineering education he hopes to prolong the lifespan of humans, one part at a time.

I am currently studying for my degree. Forget biohackers and their backyard experiments. The future is now and I will help create it.

Sephiroth needs a new body? No problem.

Noel desires an AED to revive Yeul. Go right ahead. Better yet let's give her a complete artificial heart.


Do not forget what makes you human. In a world soon to be filled with technology, it is up to us MORTALS to retain our humanity. Do not be afraid to express emotion and foster feelings for one another. ;)


Age: 18 Eye Color: Green
Height: 6'1" Weight: 145 lb
Occupation: Biomedical Engineer Glasses: Yes
Location: Michigan Goals: Peace and prosperity in life.


Trivial Knowledge for the Curious ReaderEdit

  • My first Final Fantasy game was VII and I beat it at a young age.
  • My favorite FF titles are X, VII, and III.
  • My other favorite JRPGs include: Nier, The Last Remnant, and Lost Odyssey.
  • I am bilingual in English and Japanese having started Japanese while in Elementary (my dear Watson).
  • I watch Anime in good taste. My favorites are Fate/Zero, Steins;Gate, and One Piece.
  • I am currently watching Trigun.
  • Looking forward to Drakengard 3 and Theatrhythm Curtain Call.
  • Hope's Hermits: Stupendous Six: Mad Scientist #2: The Promiscuous Clone
  • I really enjoy wearing jewelry. Rings, necklaces, and watches. No tattoos. (yet?)

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