Minervalove gently enters his waifu

Minervalove is the enigmatic beauty in all of GameFAQs. All secretly desire, yet none approach, due to a terrible curse befalled on him by the villianous Witch of the Waste.

Early Life

Born in the Pallett Town, Minervalove is a graduate of the University of Manchester in the Sky and the Tokyo School of Street Smarts, where he was president of the Ishimura Space Flight Kickstarter Program. Minervalove has served three consecutive terms in prison for the 2006 "Kidnapping of Ash's Pikachu", yet it was later discovered that Team Rocket had used the Imperius Curse to maniuplate his actions, the Japanese government have yet to issue an apology.

Later Career

Fresh from saving the land of Hyrule for the third time, Minervalove was banished from the Mushroom Kingdom as Princess Peach slowly grew jealous of his charms. He later found his way to the Earthbound series, playing bit parts just to get by. It was here he learnt Psycho-Kinesis and entered into a passionate love affair with the entire cast of Final Fantasy XII.

Now entering his 20's, Minervalove has finally earned all 6 badges allowing him to become the Master Blacksmith of the Kantou region.

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