March of the Dreadnoughts - Final Fantasy XIII OST02:32

March of the Dreadnoughts - Final Fantasy XIII OST

What the F**** is this shit?!?


The song is this guy's theme...*sigh*...

This is a song from the OST of Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2. Plays in XIII in a few chapters but only plays in XIII-2 in the residential section of Academia.


Look at the name of this song. Listen to this song. Now look back at the name of the song. What the hell, right? I was expecting some badass bass drops and final boss music. Tha' f*** is this shit?!? I mean this sounds like the theme song for Frocobo for god's sake. God DAMMIT HAMAUZU.


Named after the god damn DREADNOUGHT. I mean look at this motherf******. LOOK AT HIM. He's all big and burly but has a theme song that makes him look like a little b****...c'mon man, he deserves better. He has an older brother named Juggernought but he's too badass for a sissy theme song like this.

Confession: I like this song and so do you, don't lie.

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