Lumina's Lackeys
Lumina's Lackeys is a club dedicated to those understanding who the real Queen B is.

Lumina Smile > Sliced Bread
Lumina, bringer of perf. Other stale whitebread protagonist that shalt not be named.


Lumina Legs


"This savior... what is she about, anyway?"
"You can see when you're inside this stuff? Then you can't be one of God's regular lackeys, can you?"
—Lumina to Lightning
"It's an Oracle Drive, it records the future. Yep, whatever they see in it, they know it's a future bound to happen"
—Lumina, on Oracle Drives
Lumina Uh-uh. Now that isn't going to work. *giggles*
Snow Villiers Bald Spot Lumina!
Lumina Now that's not right. You're not supposed to throw your life away. *makes a mess*
— The adventures of Perf and Garbage.


Lumina Lightning
Lumina Thunder
Lumina's Face
Lumina's Face 2
Bye b******!
Lumina Warp

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