Beauty incarnate ^

Iightningz/raitningz(Really original btw)

likes lightning faroon(Get outta here)

equation for anti-hopuness

if lightningz = Yuji

then hopukun = Sazh

1/10 stay away

adversary of hop's hermets

oh my french fries are done cooking(Girl dont nobody want them dried up burnt fries) (nigga pls) (Girl face it, those fries are done) (those fries were weeks ago) (so you ate some old ass fries) (no I cooked and ate the new fries several weeks ago you incompetent swine) (did you put bacon and cheese on it) (no i'm not some sort of fat hobo, nor did I have the suggested items, and fries with cheese but no bacon is just a poor man's poutine. ketchup tho) (Basic as fuck)

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