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The Lightning Union is an exclusive club, accessible to only those which possess the qualities of a true Lightning fan.To become a member, one must display his or her devotion to Lightning in some way, shape or form and be recognized by the leader. Contrary to popular belief there is no hierarchy within the Lightning Union, but currently the only person able to accept new members is Zant. HeyItsZant is the boss of the organization.

PM HeyItsZant on GameFAQs if you wish to join. Or don't.

Member List

The Lightning Union FFXIII Logo 1
#000: Lightning
#001: HeyItsZant
#002: j-fielding95
#003: TwilightOdin
#004: LightningPooh
#005: e4josh
#006Member left
#007: Romangelo
#008: Alantor25


On the 21st of July 2013, Zant was making his usual rounds on the Lightning Returns board when he realized that the GameFAQSs Final Fantasy Wiki referenced in someone's post had remained dormant for far too long. He decided to take action and revive it, thus the Lightning Union was born.Seen at first as an 'elitist' group or something of the sort, the Union now boasts 9 members and is anything but that. The union was loosely based off of the anime Steins;Gate and started off as a small club with only Zant, j-fielding95, LightningPooh and Twilight Odin. The purpose of the club was to display our devotion to Lightning - a quality that continues to lie within us all.Some members joined, some members left, but at the end of the day the Lightning Union will accept any who wish to join, new or old. Today we continue to strengthen our bonds and move forward.The future is bright for the Union.

Bright as Lightning.


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