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Claire Farron, or Lightning, is the lead character of Final Fantasy XIII and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII; she is also a temporary playable character in Final Fantasy XIII-2. She is Toriyama's greatest creation and is the most magnificent being to grace the universe.

Her fellow cast-mates obey her ever wish, worshiping her as their leader, despite her tendency to punch them whenever she sees fit. She even threatened to punch Toriyama if he didn't make a trilogy for her. Legend has it she even punched the nurse who delivered her.


Her dad died when she was young and her mum died when she was 15. With no family left, she felt the need to grow up as quickly as possible to protect her sister, Serah Farron. She also decided to give up her childhood name of Claire and became known simply as Lightning. After she graduated High School, she joined the Guardian Corps: Bodhum Security Regiment.

During the 13 days prior to the Purge, Lightning was planning on booking a vacation with Serah so they could spend some quality Farroncest time together, however her plans were fucked up when the Pulse fal'Cie (Anima) was found inside Bodhum.


In Final Fantasy XIII, She meets Sazh on a train and kicks the tits off Mr. Manasvin Warmech. She also beats up her friends for 13 chapters and looks fabulous whilst doing so.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning gets sucked into a time rift and finds herself in Valhalla, the unseen realm. Serah goes looking for her and then shit gets real.

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, she wakes up from her five century long crystal stasis as the saviour. Shit's about to get real.



  • Won most popular Final Fantasy character in 2012.
  • She abused all of her team mates at some point in Final Fantasy XIII, with the exception of Vanille.
  • Has a group of deities devoted to her known as the Lightning Union. She is the all-seer of the club, ranking at #000.
  • She is the most beautiful Final Fantasy character.
  • She is #1 on Fieldings Finest Final Fantasy Females, and also ranked #1 as Japan's favourite FF character.
  • Her sister is Serah Farron, and her brother-in-law is Snow Villers.
  • Was almost raped by Sazh in the Hanging Edge.
  • Hope has a crush on her, much like every other character.

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