LazarusWolf's life.


Crap About Lazarus

Name Lazarus Wolf
Japanese Name Razarus Worf
Age Over 9,000!!!
Gender God Knows ...
Race Wolf/Man
Height 4'11 (shut up..)
Eye Color Black like her soul.
Hair Color Black like a black hole.
Home Somewhere in this universe
Job Paladin
Weapon Guitar
Ultimate Weapon Shred Axe
Limit Break Unholy Pinch Harmonic

Lazarus is the he/she/manshe/beast thing on Gamefaqs that no one knows about. She's a metal fan and is armed with a guitar. Lazarus is frequently mistaken for a man but she can't help having so much testosterone.

Her favorite shipping is Toriyama/Lightning.

Although she claims to be a 'trve kvlt' metalhead and manly to the core, she hides the fact that she loves

all things kawaii-desu and wants to fart rainbows.

She wants a Final Fantasy game where all the characters are 30-year-old men,you battle neo-nazism , and the villain is Varg Vikernes.


O_O Always remember ... Lazarus is always watching you.... heh heh heh ... heh heh ...