L. Spiro is an ex-employee of Square-Enix, having worked in their Advanced Technology Division on Luminous Studio as a senior graphics programmer. L. Spiro’s primary contributions to the engine and to Final Fantasy XV are:

  • Shadows.
    • The previous shadow system was gutted and replaced with one in which all shadow maps except for the cascaded shadows from the sun are put into a single texture atlas so that all of these shadows can be accessed in a single pass.
    • Dynamic shadow resolution based on how much of the shadow could potentially be on the screen.
    • Inverse culling on cascades and other optimizations.
  • Dynamic resolution.
  • Sharper textures.
    • Mipmaps were changed from using a triangle filter to using a better wavelet-based Lanczos filter for sharper mipmaps.
    • The tools for generating BC5, BC6H, and BC7 were replaced with algorithms that generate clearer results in a shorter amount of time.
  • Clouds.
    • Implemented the fluffier more dense clouds.
  • Optimizations.
    • Better foliage culling, better general culling, improved shader performances, etc.

Miscellaneous Contributions Edit

Motion Capture Edit

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L. Spiro is also a professional actor, having appeared on Japanese TV and movies approximately 60-70 times prior to joining Square Enix, and so was allowed to contribute motion capture to Final Fantasy XV. L. Spiro did many captures for Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus, and several NPC's, including the generic sit that Noctis does throughout the game.

Cover Art Edit

The double-sided slides for the CD cases for western releases are a result of actions taken by L. Spiro while the cover art was being finalized. After the Japanese staff voted between 3 possible cover arts for the Japanese release, 3 possibilities were posted for foreign staff to vote on which to use for the western release.

L. Spiro agreed with most of the foreigners that none of the options were satisfactory, and so posted a 4th option saying simply, "None of the above," which quickly gathered the most votes. Soon after, a producer on Final Fantasy XV found L. Spiro and suggested that the vote could be restarted if they had other ideas for the 4th and possibly 5th choices, and tasked L. Spiro with gathering ideas from the foreign staff. Among the foreign staff, the most popular options were to have either a classic logo or to have the same cover as the Japanese version. The classic logo won in the 2nd vote, so the double-sided CD cover was used to provide both the classic logo and an original cover.