Final Fantasy V - Character - Krile 2

You find her hot now, but just wait until she hits puberty!

Krile Mayer Baldesion is the young princess of Bal. A little bit too young but Bartz doesn't care and is in the process of "breaking her in early" in his harem. Out of the girls, Krile is known as "The lame kid who replaced Galuf, the most badass grandpa ever".

Krile is the daughter of Galuf's daughter Anna. Anna ran off with a Spoony Bard and almost died in a bombing of the bard's Kingdom. Afterwards, she returned to Bal and married an Al Bhed named Cid, who knocked her up. One day Anna caught Cid cheating and turned him into a moogle, which later enabled their first born daughter to speak with the fuzzy creatures. Sadly, as they were both on vacation Kefka's light of judgement fried those two idiots up. Their baby, a girl named Cara, was taken to her grandfather who renamed her after his favorite type of fish.

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