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Kimahri Ronso is a Ronso from Final Fantasy X. He's the third best Blue Mage of the series, after Quistis Trepe and Strago Magus.


After crawling down all the way down from Mt. Gagazet at the verge of death (like a fucking boss), Auron knew his time was coming to a close. Just then, a pack of blue Coeurls appeared and bore their fangs to our dying badass.

"Fiends," Auron called to them "Let me pass and reach Bevelle. I have unfinished business to take care of before I expire."

The blue beasts understood, but were unsure if to stand back. They were all dying of hunger because they were the losers even amongst the fiends of Spira. They decided they had to eat, but before they could fire their Blast attacks one of the scrawniest and loneliest coeurls threw itself in front of Auron and recieved the impact. The fallen beast broke its horn in the process.

"Why must there be death everywhere?" Auron cried, his tears trickling down onto the blue fur. Suddenly, the creature was bathed in light and transformed into a mancat.

All because of Auron's godly tears.

"I protect you. Carry you to Bevelle and finish watching duty." said the tall mancat creature thing. The other coeurls started to cry, but Auron found it in his heart to forgive them.

"You are now to use the powers that hurt your kind in order to defend yourself with honor" proclaimed Auron. And so Blue Magic -ancient magic, was bestowed to them.

And that's how Kimahri became Auron's pal, the Ronso race was born, and how Blue Magic was created in Spira.

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