Heh heh heh

Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Name j-fielding95
Japanese Name Secrettu
Age 18
Gender Unknown
Race Miqo'te
Height Unknown
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Home Somewhere
Job Apprenticeship
Weapon Sarcasm
Ultimate Weapon Deadly Insults
Limit Break Army of Fielding
See also: j-fielding's gender
"I'm just a sweet transvestite, from SIIIIN-sational Transylvania~"

Supposedly named Jennifer, this mysterious creature is member #002 of the Lightning Union. She is a British chap, and as such gains her nourishment only from tea and crumpets. It is widely assumed that J is a female, however s(he) does not wish to disclose their true gender to the public.

The legendary j-fielding95 first blessed GameFAQs with her presence sometime in 2011. After a plethora of long disturbing arguments with user Kupo1705 and numerous bannings, she now resides on the Lightning Returns board, eating all those who dare to look her way.

She is a faithful follower of Lightning and despises those who oppose her.


  • His/her gender is unbeknownst to mankind.
  • He/she is in love with another GameFAQs member, however he/she will not admit to it. *cough*LightningPooh*cough*
  • He/she is very well trained in the art of sarcastic comments.
  • He/she exhibits no interest in TV shows that are not related to history.
  • He/she is a loyal Lightning lover.
  • He/she is obsessed with anything related to Persona.
  • He/she tried to kill HeyItsZant in order to attain ownership of the Lightning Union, but his/her plan backfired and cost J an uncomfortable night in the dungeon.
  • He/she is member #002 of the Lightning Union.

She leik dem glasses.


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