Known as an ultra-pressed member of the forums and gfaqwiki. Still hasn't received his paycheck because he didn't realize that this site is FREE to use. Then again why expect logic from someone who likes Nicki Minaj AND Lightning.Edit

Things He Hates

  •     Logic
  •     So called irrelevant bitches that he named by name
  •     Logic x2
  •     Respect


  •     Loves a crappy side character more than anything else. Even though this character was made from Leblanc leftover data.
  •     Thinks deleting  fucking everything is a mature response to differences and not the catalyst to getting his profile baleeted
  •     Besties with another gfaqswiki spammer(heads up, my pages will be locked if you can mature yourselves)
  •     Worships a copier who was bullied by Lightning
  •     His new favorite game is his third favorite game, again logic.
  •     Previously irrelevant

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