HopuRai (HopexLight) is the romantic relationship between Hope and Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII. With HopuRai already confirmed to be canon in Lightning Returns, HopuRai shippers worldwide now sleep with ease.

It is the most popular ship in the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe, owing to it being all round fabulous.


The ship originated after the release of Final Fantasy XIII, due to numerous suggestive events in the Vile Peaks, the Gapra Whitewood, Palumpolum and Vallis Media. Those glorious cutscenes showcased their true feelings for eachother and accentuated how deeply in love they were with one another. However, one particular HopexLight moment that lit the flame inside HopuRai shippers was their cuddling episode in Palumpolum. HopuRai was conceived shortly after.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 then came along with Adult!Hope, thus making the ship acceptable in society (so up yours haters).


The Lead Environment Artist, Nozomi Shibahara, has confirmed it in a recent video [1].


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