Vital statistics
Name HopesNo1Fan
Japanese Name Hoppusnomburoonnufannu
Age 21
Gender Male
Race Number 1 Fan
Height ???
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Home Hope Estheim's nose
Job Trainer
Weapon Rabbits
Ultimate Weapon Nature Abomination

HopesNo1Fan is a very important part of the FF boards on gamefaqs. It should be noted that even if it is true that HopesNo1Fan is an alt, it is not related to any other No1Fan on GFaqs.


HopesNo1Fan is the nicest user in the whole GFaqs community, he will never start a war or troll anyone, he just want to be everyone's friend :)

He's very sensible and get sad easily especially if someone talks bad about his little cutie pie.

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HopesNo1Fan after few seconds on GameFaqs.


  • While it is true that there is no direct connection between HopesNo1Fan and other No1Fans, it is also true that it was AlmasNo1Fan (one of HopesNo1Fan best friends) existance that sparkled the idea that gave birth to this being.
  • HopesNo1Fan is a short form for Hope Estheim from Final Fantasy XIII Number One Fan. Yeah, FFXIII, don't even try to remind him how was Hope in FFXIII-2, he's too nice to make any hate topic but deep down he hates FFXIII-2 Hope more than taxes.
  • Do not confuse this user with madapocket. They are nothing alike, no... seriously -.-
  • Contrary to his username. User: madapocket is Hope's ACTUAL Number one fan. HopesNo1Fan is second only to her.

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