Hope's Hermets is a club dedicated to the fans of the best boy of the Lightning Saga.

Hope is known for his perfect eyes and perfect grayish-white hair. He is a gentleman, always speaking to others in a polite way, rather shy, and very nice to others.

Madapocket is, and always will be, an honorary member of our club. #InOurHearts4Ever


Wonderful One: TwilightOdin - Yer Bootilishus Ledear

Tantalizing Two: SirMajestica - Doesn't want to fight anymore

Threatening Three: dils-d - Tie Consultant

Farfetched Four: Solaris Soul - Puppeteer of Lost Souls

Fabulous Five: LightningPooh - Fabulousity Consultant

Stupendous SixGunBladeUser - Mad Scientist #2: The Promiscuous Clone



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