Zant (Zantypants, Zanta, PrincessZant, Zunt, Sprinkles, along with other tasteless monikers, just stick to Zant, pls)
Leader of the....Lightning Union







Eye Color


Hair Color



Where his heart is


Jester, aka student (I thought you were a manager, wtf!)


I lost it

Limit Break

Forgot to use it.


Doesn't have one...heh

Zant is the scintillating self-proclaimed leader of the Lightning Union, a group comprised of people who honor the Lightning saga despite its illusory nature. He finds himself making more enemies than friends and makes it a goal to humor people in order to gain their so called "friendship". This doesn't always work out.

Unfortunately for Zant, his idea of the lightning Union did not fully come to fruition and only a fraction of his goals panned out, but in the end he is still proud. 

Lately he's found himself visiting the LR board quite infrequently, however he still sticks around to see what happens. Even when you think he's gone....he always returns(unfortunately)....not unlike our favorite video game protaganist(unfortunately), one may say.

Oh, yeah and TwilightOdin is his Kohai, but he doesn't quite remember why....


His Final Fantasy Game rankings

  1. XIV: A Realm Reborn
  2. XIII
  3. X
  4. IV
  5. XII
  6. XIII-2
  7. VI
  8. VII
  9. IX
  10. V
  11. I
  12. X-2
  13. III
  14. II

He wants people to know that numbers 1-8 on this list are extremely close together, and he basically feels the same about all of them. Final Fantasy is probably his favorite game series, tied only with The Legend of Zelda. Also, DARK SOULS.

The list above changes every day. Looking back on it, he can see 10 things he wants to switch, but can't be bothered, since tomorrow they will be wrong yet again. Such is the perplexity of the Final Fantasy series. 

He watches anime too, but you knew that already, jeez. Below are a few of his favorite anime characters, in case you were wondering. What's that you say? You don't care? Yeah you do.

  • King Bradley
  • Second Lieutenant Havoc
  • Colonel Mustang
  • Lieutenant Hawkeye
  • Alphonse Elric
  • Ling
  • Envy
  • Winry
  • Edward Elric
  • Van Hohenheim


  • He's better than you.
  • Really he is.
  • Don't believe me?
  • Trust me he is.
  • He edited this page.
  • Leader of the Ligh-....oh forget it
  • Check out his articles below. He spent a lot of time on them! Really, he did!

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