Another one of SirMajestica's stupid ass projects. It is slightly similar to Tactics, but the gameplay will be a lot more similar to Final Fantasy X-2 because it actually looks good screw you.

Currently the sequel (make it spiritual?) to Fancy Final Fantasy and will be considerably lighter-hearted in nature.

Job SystemEdit

Link MagicEdit

This is the magical system of the game, it is highly group-based, allowing characters to spend their turns using the "Manadrive" command which produces MP for a type of Link that can be spent to cast spells.

Ex. CharacterA uses Manadrive-Holy, CharacterB then spends that MP to cast Pearl.

Water LinkEdit

Aqua - Long-range minor water-elemental damage.
Aquara - Long-range moderate water-elemental damage, slow execution time.
Aquaga - Long-range massive water-elemental damage, very slow execution time.
Liquefaction - Short-range melting attack.
Pulse - Short-range burst attack, AoE around caster.
Spout - Long-range burst attack, not obstructed by obstacles.
-Aquify-Only Spells-
Low Tide - Increases party's resistance to Water.

Fire LinkEdit

Burn - Long-range minor fire-elemental damage.
Burnra - Long-range moderate fire-elemental damage, slow execution time.
Burnga - Long-range massive fire-elemental damage, very slow execution time.
Flame – Long-ranged fire attack, instant execution time.
Fire Lash – Long-ranged burning attack, slow execution time.
Flare – Mid-ranged fire-burst.
Fault Line - Mid-range massive earth elemental damage.

Thunder LinkEdit

Flash - Long-range minor lightning-elemental damage.
Flashra - Long-range moderate lightning-elemental damage, slow execution time.
Flashga - Long-range massive lightning-elemental damage, very slow execution time.
Tesla – Short-range stun attack, instant cast.
Blitz – Short-range stun attack, AoE around caster.
Photon Ray – Long-range lightning line-attack, slow execution time.

Ice LinkEdit

Frost - Long-range minor wind-elemental damage.
Frostra - Long-range moderate wind-elemental damage, slow execution time.
Frostga - Long-range massive wind-elemental damage, very slow execution time.
Shattersmash – Melee freezing attack, instant execution time.
Wintery Breath – Mid-range freezing attack.
Snowfall – Long-range freezing attack, not obstructed by obstacles.

Wind LinkEdit

Wind - Long-range minor wind-elemental damage.
Windra - Long-range moderate wind-elemental damage, slow execution time.
Windga - Long-range massive wind-elemental damage, very slow execution time.
Airfist – Melee knockback wind attack.
Cyclone – Long to Mid-ranged knockback wind attack.
Gale Force – Mid, wide-ranged knockback wind attack.

Holy LinkEdit

Smite - Long-range moderate holy damage, very fast execution time, not obstructed by obstacles.
Light's Bless – Mid-ranged holy attack.
Righteous Strike – Melee holy attack, very fast execution time.
Pearl – Long-range holy attack, slow execution time.
-Sagacity-Only Spells-
Ultima Blow - Melee massive holy-elemental damage.

Shadow LinkEdit

Unholy - Long-range Drain – Mid-range HP absorption attack.
Osmose – Mid-range MP absorption attack.
Deathblow – Melee instant death attack.
Death - Long-range death attack, very slow execution time, high failure rate but deals damage instead.
-Dark Arts-Only Spells-
Expel Health - Minor shadow-elemental damage, current health attribute. Impeding Demise - Moderate shadow-elemental damage, delayed death attribute.

Medical LinkEdit

Vital – Long-ranged low healing spell.
Light – Long-ranged medium healing spell.
Medicate – Long-ranged heavy healing spell.
Fate's Will – Melee resurrection spell, slow execution time.
Purify – Mid to Melee-ranged cleansing spell.
Life Font – Mid-ranged regen spell.


Quake – Earth Terrain - Long-range massive earth-elemental damage.
Blizzara – Winter Terrain - Long-range moderate ice-elemental damage.
Aqua Lung – Underwater - Mid-ranged conic water-elemental damage.
Banshee Voice – Interior - Mid-ranged conic non-ele damage, may inflict Deaf.
Thundara – Sky/Mountain - Long-range moderate thunder-elemental.
Scrap Metal - Urban - Mid-ranged non-ele stunning attack.
Fira - Volcanic - Long-range moderate fire-elemental damage.


Feral Beast, Prometheus
Abilities: Strike, Burning Rage, X-Meteor
Summon Link: Immolate
MP Cost:
Representative Element: Fire

Thunder Incarnate, Hellion
Abilities: Mystic Barrage, Thunderbolt, Blitz
Summon Link: Storm God's Favour
MP Cost:
Representative Element: Lightning

The Four Winds, Nuu
Abilities: Volley, Whirlwind, Havoc Wing
Summon Link: Sound Wave
MP Cost:
Representative Element: Wind

Northern Spirit, Kryos
Abilities: Exhume, Ice Strike, Malevolence
Summon Link: Glaciate
MP Cost:
Representative Element: Ice

Tide Guardian, Sylrana
Abilities: Elegance, Serene Waters, Pure Rain
Summon Link: Downpour
MP Cost:
Representative Element: Water

Dark Rider, Headless Horseman
Abilities: Trample, Hilt Smash, Atomic Edge
Summon Link: Endless Night
MP Cost:
Representative Element: Shadow

Sanctity Keeper, Fynn-Tira
Abilities: Cleave, Holy, Justice is Blind
Summon Link: Judgement Day
MP Cost:
Representative Element: Holy

The Stars Above, Varani
Abilities: Atom Split, Null Void, Black Hole
Summon Link: Gamma Ray Burst
MP Cost:
Representative Element: Non-Ele

Lord Dragon, Bahamut
Abilities: Crush, Godly Roar, Pulsar Beam
Summon Link: Mega Flare
MP Cost:
Representative Element: Non-Ele


The veeeery fancy equivalent of a limit break system, Mastery is achieved when all three of a character's Mastery gauges are filled. Mid-battle job changing is a near-necessary tool to be used to fill up all gauges. All gauges fill a small bit from any action performed but some fill quicker when other actions are used.

Courage - Short-time execution skills.

Joy - Protecting/healing/buffing allies, any items such as potions or remedies count.

Force - Dealing large amounts of damage at once or debuffing enemies.

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