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October 1st, 2013Edit

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Lumina is the cutest button that ever was. It is believed that Motomu Toriyama did not construct this miracle of perf, for he lacks the talent required to do so, evident by his earlier creations. (more...)

September 2nd, 2013Edit

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Motomu Toriyama Beautiful Face

Motomu Toriyama is an amazing Final Fantasy director. After he created Dragon Ball, he joined Square-Enix and start making masterpieces. - This information is legit even if Akira Toriyama was the original creator of Dragon Ball. (more...)

August 3rd, 2013Edit

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Lightning prada

Claire Farron, nicknamed Lightning, is the lead protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. She is Lord Motomu Toriyama's greatest creation and is the most magnificent being to grace the planet.

Her fellow castmates obey her every command, worshipping her as their goddess despite her tendency to punch them for hours on end whenever she sees fit. She even threatened to punch Toriyama if he didn't make a trilogy for her. Legend has it she also punched her way out of her mothers divine uterus. (more...)

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