The GFAQs Final Fantasy Wiki keeps track of users' birthdays, holidays and site updates, which are seen on the Main Page. If an event is missing, please say so on this article's talk page.


User Birthday
aya Feb 15
dils Jan 17
Elice Mar 2
Zant Jan 25
Tiael Sept 17
Twodin Mar 2
Lightningz Nov 26
Margerie May 27


Holiday Date
New Year's Day Jan 1
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Jan 21
Republic Day of India Jan 26
Australia Day Jan 26
Black History Month (US) Feb 1
LGBT History Month (UK) Feb 1
World Marriage Day Feb 10
Valentine's Day Feb 14
Family Day (Canada) Feb 18
Canada Day (Canada) July 1
Independence Day (US) July 4
International Friendship Day Aug 4
Eid al-Fitr Aug 7
International Lefthanders Day Aug 13
Assumption of Mary Aug 15
St. Bartholomew's Day Aug 24
World Vegetarian Day Oct 1
Hajj Oct 13
Columbus Day Oct 14
Day of Arafa Oct 14
Eid al-Adha Oct 15
United Nations Day Oct 24
End of Summer Time (Europe) Oct 27
Simon the Zealot Oct 28
Halloween Oct 31
Christmas Dec 25

Wiki UpdatesEdit

Update Date
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII release Feb 14
Featured Article Jan 1
Featured Article Feb 1
Featured Article Mar 1
Featured Article Apr 1
Featured Article May 1
Featured Article Jun 1
Featured Article Jul 1
Featured Article Aug 1
Featured Article Sep 1
Featured Article Oct 1
Featured Article Nov 1
Featured Article Dec 1
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