Freya Crescent is a Bermecian dragoon knight who failed to save her land... twice...Yet they still call her a savior. She's a really bad character to play as since her only good move during endgame is Dragon's Crest, I mean she's actually not all that bad in the start, one of the best even but then she sucks later on and the best thing about her is her story, and the potentially fine looking ass. She wears a big red coat to hide her skimpiness yet the furries are still all over her, hell she even has an entire page dedicated to explaining why she's one of the hottest Final Fantasy character.... Gotta admit, she's kinda cute even when she's wearing that coat... I'd fuck her.

Even though she's overall a great character up until end game and has a sad story, Squenex doesn't acknowlege her in the spinoffs .Freya for the next Dissidia or there will be riot!

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