The Finest Final Fantasy Fellas, abbreviated FFFF, is a select group of Final Fantasy individuals notable for their tendency to cause spontaneous ovary explosion by overwhelming charisma and looks.


# Fella Name
1 Dr. Cid Cidolfus Demen Bunansa, if he was like 169% younger
2 Basch Basch fon Ronsenburg (you are the sunshine of my life)
3 Square Cid Highwind Cid Highwind
4 Balthier Balthier
5 SquallRender Squall Leonhart
6 NoelKreiss Noel Kreiss
7 Zack Fair Zack Fair
8 CloudStrife Cloud Strife
9 Auron Auron
10 Jecht Jecht
11 Final Fantasy - Seifer Almasy Menu Portrait (Final Fantasy VIII) Seifer Almasy

Honorable mentionsEdit

# Fella Name
1 Tumblr m49czgDhda1r9ab7zo1 400 Oerba Yun Fang, former dude

TwOdin made me do itEdit

# "Fella" Name
Snow Wink Snow Villiers

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