Reward 20 FP
Main Quests

Investigate is a Main Quest in Fine Fantasy, and the first quest the player has access to.


Square dils dils: I'm not so sure about this...
This article or section contains the following pending info:
  • Whether to write the Commentary in "you" or "I"-form.
    • Seeing as the game features multiple main characters, the former seems more appropriate.
    • Third person is also possible, but since you get to choose your party leader for most of the time...
  • Oooh, what about an independent NPC (akin to Airy from Bravely Default)??
    • Or just in neutral form, idk.
Stage Entry Objective Notes
1 The captain has received intel of a hostile mage entering the ruins of Vilacamba. You are dispatched to find this mage. Enter the ruins.
2 You've entered the ruins, but a locked gate halts your progress. There has to be a way inside... Search for the lever.
6 The mage has conjured a minion. Defeat it. Defeat the Cerberus.
7 With its beast out of the way, only the mage himself remains. You can either bring him to justice or strike him down where he stands. Decide what to do with the mage.
8 10 You've elected to bring him to the Captain. First you must escape from where you came. Exit the ruins.
8 You've elected to attack the mage. Approach him. Defeat the mage.
9 The mage is dead, and you've collected his notes. You must bring these to the Captain immediately. Exit the ruins.
10 You've escaped the ruins. Go back through the woods and find the Captain. Find the Captain.

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