Change how time is represented and how turns are gained?

Alt 1 (Current)Edit

All battlers are initiated with a TP of 0. After that, each battler gains TP equal to their Speed. If any reaches 100 or above, they get a turn.


  • Characters can gain over 100 TP, and that excess is then added upon next round of ticks (105 - i.e. 100 time cost, the character then starts at 5)
    • The character can then possibly have 200 TP, and would then gain another turn immediately since their TP is above 100 already
      • Not dysfunctional, but slightly confusing
  • Characters can have TP below 0
    • Negative values are always lame
    • Could be capped at max. 500 min -500 but how dahell does that even make sense

Alt 2-1, ReverseEdit

Characters begin at 100, works to reduce TP to 0 before they get a turn. They could therefore have 1000 TP which could be displayed to the player as "turn delay" or in the form of TP/Speed as "ticks required".


  • Excess TP would be rendered negative, again dumb
    • Unless a second number appears with storage
  • The player has to think in reverse all the time
    • TP costs is TP gain? What?

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