Status Effect
High High regeneration.
Mid Low regeneration.
Low No regeneration. Team suffers from decreased defenses, and increased aggro rates.
Empty Team passes out. If s/he cannot be rescued, it is Game Over.


Type Effect
Restaurant Fully remedied.
B&B Fully remedied.
Eating Effect dependent on the food.



Type Effect
Manufactured Cannot spoil. Cannot be obtained from monster-type enemies. Generally has no additional benefits.
Organic Can spoil. Cannot be obtained from human-type enemies.


Property Effect
Food Name.
Recipe If the food item is created through cooking, the ingredients necessary to create it.
Consumption Whether or not the food item can be consumed as is.
Fill Increment of the Hunger bar.
Stability Temporarily increases or decreases the depletion of the Hunger bar.
Thirst Whether or not the food item has any impact on Thirst, and if so to which degree.
HP Optional impact on user HP.
AP Optional impact on user AP.
Status Optional impact on user statuses.
Spoil The rate in which, if viable, the food item will spoil.


Mechanic Effect
Auto Settings The player can set characters to automatically consume food during certain circumstances.
Yes No
Eat Lowest Fill Item When
Fill < Max Fill ⇜ Critical Fill ⇜ Empty
Eat When Fill May Go Over Max
Yes No
Enemy Drop If the user slays a monster in battle, they may drop a food item(s) corresponding to the enemy (type). The drop rate and drop amount are increased the quicker the monster is slain.
Captured Monsters into Food User can turn captured monsters into a food item(s) with the "Take a Break" command at (most) any time. This ensures a higher amount of food item(s) than regularly dropped from monsters slain in battle, which is increased more so when done in a safe-zone. If done in an unsafe location, the user has an increased chance to run into a forced encounter they cannot "Flee!" from.
Cooking User combines ingredients into another dish. This can be done in any safe-zone without problem, but if done elsewhere with the "Take a Break" command the user has an increased chance to run into a forced encounter they cannot "Flee!" from.
Cooked food generally has lower spoil rates than uncooked food.
Consume when Max User can eat food items as long as Hunger is less than max, but the remaining fill is wasted. If Hunger is max, the food item cannot be consumed.
Spoiled User can still eat spoiled food items, but the positive effects are minimal, and the user has a high chance of being inflicted with food poisoning.
Food on Enemies User can use food items in-battle just like any item, on any target. Foes may only eat food items that are of a different enemy type than them, and may only eat if they themselves are hungry or unaware of the situation. Foes that eat food items are inflicted with their side-effects.
Taste Preference User specific modifier, affects fill rate. Increased as the user consumes more of the food item.


Food Recipe Consumption Fill Stability Thirst HP AP Status Spoil
Noodle Pack Never
Noodles Noodle Pack 1 20 1.0 10 60
Water 1
Energy Bar 60 3.0 Never
Fiber Bar 10 0.5 -5 Never
Batty 10 1.0 -5 300
Batty on Stick Batty 1 30 1.2 60
Honey-glazed Roast Beebop 1 50 0.9 90
Batty 1

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