• Characters sustain long-lasting/not-self-removing ailments
    • All last after battle, but some may be removed over time
      • Cannot be cured with general abils or items? But require special means?
        • Independent from regular stat-specific ailments? Cannot be granted specific immunities? Tied to stats and/or perhsps other status resistances?


Injury Effect Duration Remedy Effect
Fracture Speed- Remedied very slowly over time Splint, Bandages The remedy rate is increased
Open Wound Max HP-- Until remedied Styptic, Disinfectant*, Sutures, Bandages* Initiates remedy over time
Infection Max HP-- Until remedied Penicillin Initiates remedy over time
Concussion Assertives- Until remedied Resting Assertives Remedied
Burn Defenses- Remedied slowly over time Ointment, Bandages The remedy rate is increased
Eye Pain Accuracy- Remedied slowly over time Eye Drops Remedied
Ear Pain Evasion- Remedied slowly over time Remedied
Lung Pain Max.AP- Remedied slowly over time The remedy rate is increased
Stomach Sick Remedied slowly over time Digestive / Bread The remedy rate is increased
Cold Remedied slowly over time Heating Pad The remedy rate is increased
Fever Remedied slowly over time Ice Pack The remedy rate is increased
Pointy Projectile Max HP- Until remedied Knife, Sutures Max HP Remedied


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