• Player character (which would require one "main" tho??) can have some form of relationship with most named characters, especially the party or "inner circle"
    • With randoms, this is usually calculated in a simple "approval" or "hostility" bar (or whatever the opposite is called), that improves with the right conversation options, quests and other events of approval (such as helping out in their town)
      • This unlocks quests and/or further conversation options, that may lead to enemy info or quest notes (aka rumors)
    • With the inner circle, this amounts to both "approval" or "friendship", but also romance
      • Not only with the player, the player can also "set up" relationships between the inner circle
      • The success rate or even availability of this is determined by the character's dispositions
        • A straight character will only be interested in romance with another straight/bi character of the opposite gender
        • Same with interpersonal attraction, aka friendship
          • One lady may not befriend any male, and so forth
  • Wouuld be more interesting if the player could just switch between all the playables and handle this directly
    • But non-playable characters would still have to be handled indirectly, so maybe not

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