• 'cuz I do want the rearer to still be a functional aggravater whilst fighting other peeps
    • and since the gameplay should change as little as possible when peep-fightin'
      • thus not removing the aggro-based abils or statuses

Alt: Actual Targeting ExclusionEdit

  • Once aggro reaches a certain threshold, exclude lower dudes from targeting viability


  • Up 'til then, aggro on a foelie is useless
  • As long as the value is over the threshold, aggro does nothing more

Alt: Ability LockingEdit

  • Based on aggro, only allow certain abilities to be performed
    • This would mimic the CPU's "act of aggression" by only allowing say Attack for that one attack
      • After that, the high-aggroed user may only use exhausting enough abils, aka cannot Cure but might be able to Curaga
        • Unless that's too supportive, only lock into aggressive abils?


  • What if the player doesn't have any equipped???
    • Although that would be solved by going top-down
      • So if no hostile abils are available at all, Attack is lastly unlocked
  • OP
    • Depending on how high aggro can be raised/depleted, that is

Alt: EfficiencyEdit

  • Decrease efficiency of abils on low-aggro foelies?
    • But still maintain efficiency on the highest-aggro foe


  • What if the abil they're using isn't even offensive?? So a super-aggroed healer would be just like "meh"

Hybrid Alt: Excluded + LockEdit

  • So aggroed players will eventually be forced to attack
    • Even if this aggro can quickly be depleted
  • And they won't just target foes freely
    • Then it wouldn't matter if you can only use Ultimaga, you want that fool dead

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