• Rename Health Points (HP) into Stamina Points (SP)??
    • Would be so confusing for playahs, but would technically be more correct
      • But Health could sort of represent well-being too, idk
        • As long as it is clear depleting HP to 0 doesn't actually kill them, just makes their innate abils 'n' defenses go 0
          • Getting Game Over would be actually killing the defenseless party
            • Show this???
  • Would also call for a renaming of Ability Points (AP) into whatever the cell-component is called
    • Clave/Clade Points (CP)???
      • Although AP is more general, it could remain
  • Level Grid, Levels, Leveling, Ability Gain and XP could get a rework??
    • Since they're all related to biological growth?? And genes??
    • The Level Grid could be reworked into a big 'ol cell
      • Stats are their own little micro-organs, that grow as points are spent into them rather than multiply
      • Abils on the other hand are 'lil things that are added whenever an abil is purchased
        • Actives are one kind
        • Passives another
    • Within the mitochondria+??
        • Thus making all this mRNA(+)???
  • Seeing as abilities are genes, "purchasing" them promotes them from recessive to dominant?

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