• Abilities may be gained by outside sources
    • Such as quest rewards, enemy drops or received by finding them or from NPCs
    • These can usually be granted to a chosen character
      • But must be chosen immediately
        • And cannot be switched (unless with some arduous method)
      • Choosing a character with the abil already learned will increase its EXP, ultimately leveling it up (amount of EXP needed depends on the abil, ie common enemy drop abils need lots, unique only 1 per level)
        • The max level depends on the abil itself, same with its improvement
        • As most abils are finite, it's possible to max level an ability for one character without letting any other character learn it
          • Or in other cases, an ability will already be max leveled but only exist in 1
          • The player can only switch abil one level at a time


Ultima 3
Level 1
Rows Front
Ability Power 10
Target Count 4
Ultima 3
Level 2
Rows Front, Center
Ability Power 15
Target Count 9

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