• An enemy property that determines how well the foe can strategize out of an act of aggression.
    • Low IQ foes will just attack the same aggro-ally until their aggro is diminished.
    • Whilst high IQ means after the initial aggressive attack, they will be able to redirect or reduce their aggro with more control.


VG Resource Smash Bros Project - Pikachu
Low IQ
Aggro: Multiple
  • Thunder
    • Even if aggro is high on multiple allies, the low IQ enemy will still pick one out at a time
      • And only use multi-targeting when no aggro?
  • Thunder Shock
  • Attack
  • Attack
  • Attack
  • <docile>

VG Resource Smash Bros Project - Charizard
High IQ
Aggro: Single
  • Fire Blast
  • Fira: All
    • Since aggro is still high on just one ally, the high IQ enemy uses this to target others as well
      • If really high aggro, may just target one other ally: the weakest
        • Sneeeeeaky
  • <docile>

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