• Since I was told "just" using touch for battle-targeting wasn't using the controls to its "full extent"
    • Whateveeer


  • Player presses the ground to have the character walk there. The camera centers on the player character, but when near the "edge" of the map leaves space enough for the user to press at the edge, thus walking into the "door" switching to the other area.
    • However, not with AI to traverse? Since that removes from the user's interaction? So the character just walks in a straight line there, and stops if s/he cannot?
    • The player can also drag-'n'-hold to have the character continuously walking in that direction.
      • Doing this to a wall or such has the player press up against it, while sliding to the side if held diagonally.
        • Animation and environment interaction greatly helps the game feel.
  • By pressing an interactible object, the user will... well, interact.
    • Such as NPCs and treasure boxes.
  • Menus are traversed with swipes and presses.
  • Puzzles and mini-games require special user input, as in magically dragging boxes to create a bridge.
    • Has to have some sort of logical plot-device not to let the player use that elsewhere though...


  • Battle menu is scrolled using a vertical swipe, if too many actions.
  • Characters are moved by drag-'n'-dropping them.
  • Characters Wait by double-tapping them.
  • Once a target is selected (by pressing it), targets are chosen by dragging over them in a single swipe.
    • Swiping over a character again unselects it.
    • Swiping can also be done to the "info cards".
    • Tapping will only select the 1 target tapped upon.
  • Hyperactives require direct user interaction.
    • They are mini-games directly based on user input.

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