• By using the "Capture" command, the player can catch low critical HP non-boss opponents
    • EXP and drop rates are calculated using HP-on-kill, meaning Capturing a foe at 50% will reward 1/2 EXP and drop rates than usual
      • This also applies to any insta-kill
    • Human opponents, and captured monsters of higher "level" than the character, or just strong in general, can break free however, once their HP has regained to a degree (over critical) and time has passed
      • This will initiate a battle with them again, immediately, or the player can use "Flee!" as usual to allow their escape
        • The player can defeat them now, which will just Capture them again, without KO. No Exp or drops, though
      • Can also escape without battle? Sounds boring? So no?
    • Once Capture'd, the player has different options depending on human or not


  • Can be brought back to Mother Base to add to squad
  • May be interrogated for notes
  • Used in-battle as an item, which becomes "Hostage"??
    • Can only be used on matching human enemy types/humenemies in the same area?? As the hums elsewhere will just be like, who's that dude??
    • Nullifies all aggro for a period, and the foes become unwilling to attack??
      • After X turns, the hostage escapes tho??


  • Can be used in battle as an item, which will cause it to use its signature move once, before being removed from the inventory
    • Or all will use the "Bother" abil, which deals minor damage, but greatly lowers TP and Aggro??
      • like throwing a snake on a foe in snake eater im ashamed
  • Can be brought back to any outpost/town/Mother Base, where they will turn it into more food than the player can manage on the field, as well as guaranteed more of the monster drop loot
    • Getting new recipe for restaurant??
    • In Mother Base, put it in a farm to be raised as livestock??
      • Cannot be fought as they are domesticated??
        • Can still be Captured and used as the in-battle item??
          • But will not disappear after usage or try to escape as it is your pal?? Once per battle tho??
  • Can be turned into Food immediately, but less than an outpost would turn it into
    • This ends up in the "food pocket" of the battle pack, which can be consumed out of battle (or with auto), or used in-battle as an item on any target

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