• Summons require a Tribute in order to be summoned
  • This is usually a fixed amount of AP
  • But since this is not always desirable/viable, something else can be used as substitute
  • The tribute "materials" include:
    • HP (1 or more party members')
    • AP (...)
    • TP (...) (extremely costly)
    • Gil
    • Life (removes 1 or more party members from the battle, resulting in a value of HP + Max.HP + AP + Max.AP (+TP???))
  • The dialogue box that appears always has the "suggested" combination initially selected, but this can (almost) always be tweaked.


Unique Parameter -> Tribute RelationEdit

  • Yojimbo reaching his 100% required/summon far quicker using Gil as a tribute rather than say HP?

Tribute% vs. Stat%Edit

Alt 1: Insignificant = No SummonEdit

  • Paying less than 100% means the summon cannot be called
  • Paying more than 100% is the same as paying 100%
    • But maybe give the Overdrive bar an initial fill?

Alt 2: ScalingEdit

  • The tribute % corresponds with the stat % of the summon
  • Paying 200% means the summon is twice as powerful
  • Still have a lower limit for summoning restriction?
    • Less than 50% is a no-go?
      • Maybe not. If the party has to sacrifice themselves to get 50% it might not be that useful
  • But maybe a disproportionate tribute scaling?
    • Reaching 100% is far easier than reaching 200%? The higher you go the more is required?

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